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Technology Camps

Education River Technology Camps

Perhaps, your kid loves technology, and you want to help them make more meaning out of this? Our balanced tech-camp experience is just what they need!

Tech Camp Experience Every Kid Deserves

If you are wondering what our tech camps offer, this is for you.

Technology Camps

Areas of Specialization

Education River Tech Camps focus on exciting and educative branches of technology.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the most exciting developments in gaming technology at the moment. It superimposes virtual reality over the real-world environment. Therefore, the potentials are simply limitless. It is already adopted in fields like aviation, medical, automobile industries, training, and museums.

Virtual Reality

Have you ever thought of taking part in situations you ordinarily cannot be part of? Virtual Reality can make this possible. It helps to stimulate an environment, create surroundings so that you feel a part of them. VR is currently the biggest thing in the world of gaming development.

Motion Sensor Devices

Motion sensors have become an integral part of security and home automation systems. This piece of tech is simply fascinating and offers a wide range of benefits. Motion sensors are a common part of everyone’s day, and you will find them around the places you visit.

Tech Camp Experience Every Kid Deserves

If you are wondering what our tech camps offer, this is for you.

Physical Lectures

Physical Lectures

Our rich collection of technology courses is taught person-to-person by our experienced instructors. We do not use online tutorials or rely on some remote teachers to get the job done. Our instructors are former tech teachers in schools, with proven practical experience and passion to help your kids become more knowledgeable.

Flexible Options

Flexible Options

We boast a wide range of technology courses delivered via professionally-designed curriculums. From AR to Robotics, VR, and Sensory Device programs, your child can switch courses up to whatever they consider comfortable and interesting.

Educative Tech Courses

Educative and Imparting Tech Courses for Kids

Our tech camp courses at Education River centers on exposing kids to interesting tech devices and experience. Your child will learn more about Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (AR), and a wide range of sensory devices.

Technical Learning Materials

Best-in-class Learning Materials

To ensure effective learning and proper understanding, we have integrated extensive hands-on experience in our classes. And to get the job done, Education River provides a host of excellent and safe tech devices for kids. These include Cubes, Lenovo Jedi Challenges, AR Flashcards, Robots, and Motion Sensor Kits, among others.

Camp Information

The camp information will be provided soon.

Class Size

1:5 Instructor to Student Ratio. All our instructors are professionals, friendly, knowledgeable, and highly-efficient. 

Age Groups

We welcome kids from ages 8 -13. 

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