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Online Coding Sessions

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Educational River Announcement

Greetings to all the parents and kids who make up our Educational River family! We hope that you are doing fine and thriving during this time.

Recent developments compel Educational River to make a very important announcement to our esteemed clients. As is the case with most businesses, Educational River has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the directives put in place by the government We understand that these
directives, such as social distancing and lockdown measures, are backed by evidence and scientific information, and as Educational River, the safety of our learning kids is a priority. Due to these reasons, it would be difficult to start in-person coding and technology camps in summer 2020 that Educational River and its staff were excited to hold.

July, 2021

Despite this, Educational River will provided several free online coding sessions during the month of August. We had prepared an informative and engaging program that helped kids make great use of their time.

The free online coding sessions included an introduction to coding/JavaScript and website development . Through tutorials, they were able to design websites and develop their own custom games. The good thing is that we guided them along the way, providing that Educational River touch that we have come to be known for.


April, 2021 

 NEW Announcement 

We are happy and excited to continue our passion of bringing tech and coding education to kids and will continue to provide fresh and new content. 

Educational River is proud to introduce Edumagicals, which is a fun educational tool based on augmented reality technology. Through innovation and inspiration, these games help the learning process  in children of all ages. All you need to enjoy this tool is a smartphone or tablet to use it. The games help the learning process of numbers, letters, shapes, colors, animals, parts of the body and places in the world, in English for children. Edumagicals is also designed to encourage parents and teachers while exploring the content of these interactive games. For more information, please visit the link on the top menu, or you can send an email to :elkouzi.malek@gmail.com. An update about this fun educational augmented reality tool will be posted soon.