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We`re Lanuching few coding campus soon

Is your kid between the age of 8 till 13? Our special coding camps are all you need to unlock their potentials. These camps are not only educative but also fun and 100% safe.

According to tech experts, the best time to learn any programming language or tech-based concept is during our early developmental stages. This means that exposing your kids to programming languages during childhood will not only make learning easy but make teaching even easier for the teachers.

This has been our driving force at Educational River, as evident in our numerous special coding camps for kids and teenagers. We teach programming languages to kids, as well as productive applications of this knowledge. We do this using a kid-friendly approach in a safe, and fun environment.

Kids Programming

Scratch: Intro to Game Development New Coders

Ages 8 – 13.

Scratch coding is an excellent way to introduce your kids to computer programming. It is a unique coding concept developed by MIT specifically for kids to develop their critical thinking, creativity, and computational thinking.
Our tutors are always ready to take your kids through Scratch at Educational River, from the fundamentals up to the advanced levels. We adopt an inquiry-based teaching style in an interactive setting to teach your kids the basics of the Scratch interface. We will patiently guide them through the units until they can create Scratch programs, make games, and solve programming problems.
Our Scratch Coding Camp lasts for 7 weeks and offers only a few slots. Maintaining a small group is crucial to ensure participants undergo a quality learning process and develop a strong foundation for future coding programs and concepts.
So, if you are wondering how best your kids can spend their next summer, our Scratch Coding Camp is the place to be. We will be glad to have them!

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Introducing Dash’s Neighborhood!

Dash’s Neighborhood can be described as a 3D virtual environment where Dash the robot lives. Giving kids access to Dash and the Dash’s Neighborhood is an excellent way to build coding literacy. Your kids can now program their favorite robot online through drag-and-drop coding and programming offered by Dash’s Neighborhood.
The 7-weeks sessions are structured around fun activities that allow your kids to improve creativity, build confidence, and get better all-round in coding using Dash’s Virtual Neighborhood. Asides from the excitement of having coding and robotics in the classroom, your kids also get to practice and prototype with the simulator from the comfort of their homes.
The certified instructors at Educational River will take your kids through our special Dash curriculum infused with fun. To ensure seamless learning, our instructors monitor each child’s progress and assign specific activities to facilitate learning and enhance their experience.
Your kid needs no previous experience to join this class. All you have to do is follow the link below to secure a slot in our next Dash’s Neighborhood Coding Camp.

Kodu Coding Camp For Kids

Kodu Coding Camp presents another excellent opportunity to teach kids basic programming principles. Created by Microsoft, this visual programming language is designed to improve the storytelling, problem-solving, creativity, and, most importantly, the programming skills of young children.
The entire process of creating the world’s terrain and introducing characters and props with your desired behaviors and rules is fascinating, especially to kids. With Kodu, your kids will learn the fundamentals of programming at the right pace, thanks to the visually engaging teaching process that delivers immediate results.
So, if you want to activate the creative expression of your kids by creating exciting 3D games through the easy-to-use Kodu interface, have them join the next Educational River Kodu Coding Camp. Under the guidance of our certified Kodu instructors, your kids are on the right path to create their own magical world, all in the space of 7 weeks.
The best part? Your kid doesn’t need any pre-training, and we provide all the tools required for this camp. All you have to do is follow the link and register them.

What Will Your Kids Learn at Our Coding Camps?

We teach your kids how computers work and how they can represent their creativity using them. They will code games, websites, and more – from character development through storyboarding, animation, environmental design, beta testing, and finally to coding. They will also learn simple and effective troubleshooting techniques to perfect their codes.



Internet Safety


Game Design

Beta Testing



Why Learn To Code?

Are you still not convinced enough that your kid deserves a shot at coding?

Coding is Creativity

Coding is Creativity

When a kid learns how to write code or program, they are applying their creativity. Continuous application sharpens this sense and pushes them to do more than just consuming. They create!

Coding is the New Global Languages

Coding is the New Global Languages

We now have more digital computing devices than humans. So, it is important to understand how to communicate with these powerful machines. Interestingly, code is the only language they understand.

Coding Solve Problems

Coding Solve Problems

You cannot code without first solving the problem. You must first think about the problem and devise a solution. You are simply translating your solution into a computer language when you code. What the computer does is to implement the solution you have provided.


Coding is Productive Collaboration

Most coding projects in recent times are only achievable via concerted efforts. Programmers now come together to rub minds and compare ideas in solving a problem. Coding is exciting teamwork.

Camp Information

The camp information will be provided soon.

Class Size

1:5 Instructor to Student Ratio. All our instructors are professionals, friendly, knowledgeable, and highly-efficient. 

Age Groups

We welcome kids from ages 8 -13. 

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