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About Us

Who Are We?

Educational River is not just another STEM Institute out there – we are more! Unlike other institutes that are in the business for profits, we are borne out of the passion to raise more tech-savvy kids, aged (9-16).

The Educational River Institute is a vision of a group of experienced computer teachers with vast and multi-dimensional experience. Each teacher on our team boasts, at least, a decade’s experience in teaching a wide range of computer courses.

We bring quality experience in tech education alongside a burning passion to expose kids and teenagers to coding and technology. We believe technology, in young hands, can be molded into veritable tools that bring outstanding individual and societal development.

Kids are always with a clear sense of curiosity. We understand this, and we have created a fun, exciting, and engaging environment that ensures these curiosities are maximized. Our approaches are carefully designed to facilitate quality, fast, and productive learning.

Our Vision

Educational River is all out to prepare kids for tech readiness by giving them the knowledge to thrive in our rapidly evolving tech-based society. We believe this is achievable through special hands-on STEM programs such as coding and tech development camps.

Founder and CEO

Malek El Kouzi

Educational Technologist


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Are you looking to enroll your kid for our upcoming coding camp or technology camps for your kid? Feel free to get in touch by filing the below form. Once we decide about our next camp, we will keep you update. We will love to hear from you and discuss how we can help your kids.